Our Mattress Care Guide

This simple guide provides step-by-step care instructions for our mattresses, ensuring you can effortlessly keep your mattress in the best condition.

Setting Up Your New Mattress

  • Upon arrival, remove the recyclable outer packaging. Allow your mattress to air in a well-ventilated room for 4–6 hours to eliminate any post-production or packaging odours.
  • When placing the mattress inside your cot, ensure there is no more than a 1cm gap between the side of the cot and the mattress. The easiest way to keep your child’s mattress dry, clean, and fresh for longer is with one of our Terry Towelling Waterproof Mattress Protectors. Cover the mattress with a fresh Cotton fitted sheet to aid in ventilation.
  • Initially, the surface and shape of the mattress may appear slightly uneven. This is due to the transit process and is quite normal. Over time, the mattress will decompress and settle into an even shape and smooth surface.

Safety & Maintenance

  • Always remove all plastic packaging before use.
  • Similar to an adult mattress, rotate your cot mattress 180° every time you change the sheets or at least once per week to help maintain its long-term supportive form. Open the windows in the room and allow the mattress to air for 2-4 hours, facilitating the filling to breathe and drying out any moisture within the mattress.
  • Promptly clean any small spills. Spot-clean the mattress cover with a sponge and mild detergent, or remove the cover and machine wash it up to 60°C gentle cycle. Cool tumble dry or preferably air dry to prevent any shrinkage. While air drying and still slightly damp, stretch the cover back to shape for easy zipping. Ensure the cover is completely dry carefully close the zip, aligning the material edges without applying excessive pressure.
  • Remember, tiny fingers and limbs can easily become trapped, causing distress or injury. Thus, we recommend maintaining no more than a 1cm gap around the sides of the mattress.
  • Avoid using padded mattress covers or toppers under the fitted sheet, as they can impact the firmness and safety of the mattress.
  • Defective workmanship, materials, or construction constitute a manufacturing fault. We offer a two-year warranty against these faults and will gladly replace the mattress under these conditions.

Cleaning Your Mattress

  • Remove the cot mattress cover and hand wash it with a mild non-bio detergent. Rinse thoroughly and stretch it back into shape while damp. Allow it to air dry.
  • Alternatively, cot mattress covers can be machine washed (up to 60°) using a non-bio detergent and a low spin cycle. Air drying is recommended to avoid any shrinkage.
  • After removing the cot mattress cover, vacuum the entire cot mattress, including the base and sides, to eliminate any dust buildup.
  • Wipe the mattress all over with a clean damp cloth, using only warm water.
  • Leave the mattress to fully air dry before putting the cover back on. Ensure the entire sleep space is completely dry before allowing your child to sleep.
  • Air out your mattress weekly. Remove any bedding including the mattress cover from your mattress, open the windows, and let the fresh air in.
  • Neither the cot mattress cover nor the mattress itself is suitable for dry cleaning or ironing.