Welcome to the world of a better, more comfortable night’s sleep for your baby, naturally.  

We build a range of mattresses filled with an all-natural organic wool core & coconut coir, called The Tiny Dreamer Natural™, But what are the benefits of using 100% Organic wool?  

Sheep's wool is an incredibly versatile natural fibre and durable. Not only is it extremely comfy, but it also has its own clever temperature regulating technology all built in, naturally.  Mother nature gifted sheep with heat regulating wool, so they would stay cool in warm temperatures and keep their warmth in cold, winter conditions. This technology translates through to the mattresses, it enables your baby to stay cool in the summer and retains heat in the mattress when in cooler winter temperatures. This magical natural fibre will never overheat your baby, giving you the peace of mind that the breathable fibres are doing their job!  Unlike its synthetic competitors like foam, which are not able to control temperatures alone. 

Our natural sheep fleece is chemical free, anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.  

Our British built and naturally comfortable wool mattresses can be made using wool as a topper above another technology or as a main support layer. 

Fluffing up your mattress 

To maximise the benefits of an all natural mattress, we recommend fluffing, turning and flipping the mattress regularly, to prevent the wool topper becoming compressed in one area. 

The mattress will adapt to the weight and contours of your childs body; rotating the mattress from foot to end will keep the filling even and extend the life of the mattress. Rotating a mattress can be a two-person job, so get some help. 

You can rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping on a breathable, natural, and healthy environment.  No matter the size of mattress you are looking for, we can build a mattress to your exact requirements using our easy "Build Your Own Mattress" online tool. 

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