How To Build Your Own


Welcome to our helpful step by step guide to help you with your 'build your own mattress' buying process.

We see so many families up cycling cribs & cots that have been treasured through generations, passed down from the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s ~ by offering our ‘build your own’ service for both premium mattresses & organic bedding, it brings us so much joy to be a part of these heirlooms, allowing a whole new generation to enjoy the same sleep space as their parent & grandparent, etc.

It is recommended by sleep safety experts to have a new mattress for each new baby. The naked eye cannot always see dangerous bacteria that could be looming within a used mattress. Additionally babies bodies grow rapidly so they need a firm, flat mattress to support them properly, a used mattress may have lost its firmness & therefore may now not be certified as safe for a baby to sleep on anymore.

Before we get started with the step by step actions to complete your order, we have listed a few helpful guides below which may assist you with decisions along the way. 

1. Mattress fillings guide:

2. How to measure for your new mattress correctly & safely:

3. All about our waterproof mattress protectors:

4. All about our travel cot mattresses:

Step by step guide

Step 1: Click here to head to the 'build your own mattress' product page.

Step 2: Once you reach this page, click on the button that says 'personalise & add to cart'

Step 3: You will be presented with a number of options to select. The first option is mattress type, here you need to select the type of mattress you require. This will be determined by the dimensions of your mattress, next to each mattress type we have displayed the maximum size we can make under each mattress type. For example, Moses Basket (Max L 80cm, W 45cm, D 3cm) this means that if your measurements are over these here, then you must head to the next size up. Each mattress type is a different price, reflecting the size. 

Step 4: Enter the length required (Please be accurate as each mattress is crafted by hand to these measurements) 

Step 5: Enter the width required (Please be accurate as each mattress is crafted by hand to these measurements) 

Step 6: Select which filling you would like the choice is entirely yours. Please read our filling guide to read through the benefits of each filling. Each filling is at a slightly different price point. 

Step 7: Select which mattress shape you require. If the shape is not there, contact our team who can assist you on proceeding with your order.

Step 8: Select whether you would like a waterproof mattress protector adding onto your order custom-made to your order. 

Step 9: The price is shown at the bottom. UK Shipping is FREE for orders over £75.00

From time to time we may ask you to post a paper template to us of the sleep space, especially if it is a unique shape. Should we need to we will be in touch with you via email within 1-2 days of ordering to request this. 


Our standard dispatch time for all custom- made mattress orders are 7-10 working days. 



  • Posted on by neobestmattress
    Thank you for sharing, useful information keep on sharing.
  • Posted on by Luke

    Hello I need a mattress making at 170cm long and 91.44cm width. Is this possible? If so could I have a price and I will order straight away.

    Kind regards

  • Posted on by Susan

    Can you make a mattress for a big cottage please for my grandchild. The measurements
    are 105cm x 105cm

    Many thanks Susan

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