UK Safety Standards

Sleep safety is at the heart of everything we do. The safety of your child's new mattress is extremely important and something we are truly passionate about. It is our promise to provide the best sleep environment for your baby & peace of mind to you as their parent. Because if they are sleeping safely, then you are sleeping peacefully.

Each and every one of our mattresses are expertly built in England by craftsmen with over a decade of experience producing mattresses for babies, toddlers & children. Each mattress is meticulously finished by hand to exacting detail and inspected for quality assurance.

The good news is cot & infant mattresses are covered by a number of strict safety regulations, which allow parents to easily make an informed choice when shopping for the perfect nights sleep! As each one of our mattresses is produced here in England, we must follow & adhere to strict British Safety standards, rules and regulations, of which each of our mattresses have been tested and certified against. 

BS 7177: BS7177 2008 + A1: 2011

The specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases.

Published by: The British Standards Institution

BS 1877+ A1 2012

The specification for safety requirements and test methods regarding domestic bedding with specific specification for mattresses and bumpers for children's cots, perambulators and similar domestic articles.

Published by: The British Standards Institution


All our mattresses are built without the use of fire retardant chemicals such as arsenic, antimony or phosphorous. You will not find any harmful or toxic chemicals, every single thing that goes into creating our products is safety tested & certified for use with newborn babies & beyond.