Baby Gender Reveal Ideas: Party Ideas For Parents To Be

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas: Party Concepts for Expecting Parents

Anticipating a new arrival? Explore distinctive gender reveal ideas.

The initial weeks and months of pregnancy entail a flurry of hormonal changes, fatigue, and perhaps bouts of morning sickness that defy the morning hours. For the fortunate ones, some manage to evade sickness altogether.

Here in the UK, the first NHS scan typically occurs at 12 weeks pregnant. It feels like an eternity awaiting that initial glimpse of the baby. Those initial 12 weeks seem to crawl by, all in eager anticipation of finally hearing the first heartbeats resonate from the monitor and catching a glimpse of the black and white image portraying a tiny dot—your baby dot. It's a profoundly special time, leaving you pondering, is it a girl or a boy?

For us in England, the NHS offers the option to disclose the baby's gender during the 20-week scan, although this is entirely voluntary. However, numerous private ultrasound clinics offer earlier scan appointments, starting from 16 weeks, for gender determination. While the NHS typically provides the gender verbally during the ultrasound appointment, most private clinics will inscribe the baby's gender and seal it within an envelope, preserving the secret until the grand reveal. Below, we've compiled some memorable and unique ideas for unveiling the gender of your forthcoming bundle of joy to friends and family.


An excellent option for the winter months, particularly nearing Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve. Commence the firework spectacle with unisex colours, such as standard white, to heighten the suspense before revealing the gender-specific hue.


Commission your preferred local baker to craft a sponge cake adorned with both pink and blue frosting. Upon slicing the cake, the gender will be unveiled through either pink or blue sponge, creating a delectable surprise. Pinterest boasts an array of cake inspirations for this occasion.

Sibling Hand Painting

Attire yourself in plain white clothing for your gender reveal gathering. Blindfolded, allow your guests or family members to assist your other children in dipping their hands into pink or blue paint, then imprinting their tiny handprints upon you. Upon removing the blindfold, you'll witness the gender of your new little one manifested through these colourful handprints.

Balloon Pop

Globally recognised as one of the most popular gender reveal methods. Encompassing a large decorative balloon filled with pink or blue confetti, a pin prick unleashes an explosion of confetti, disclosing the gender of your baby.

Confetti Cannon

Load a confetti cannon with blue or pink confetti, then synchronously discharge for a cascade of coloured confetti, revealing the gender of your little one.

Smoke Cannon

Similar to the confetti cannon, yet emitting pink or blue smoke, this option is ideal for outdoor events and yields captivating photographs as the coloured smoke permeates the air.

Helicopter Gender Reveal

For a grandiose, show-stopping gender reveal, arrange for a helicopter to hover above your party venue. With your guests assembled below, the helicopter will release coloured powder, descending like a pink or blue curtain toward the awaiting ground.

Smoke Show

Coordinate an impressive smoke display, erupting simultaneously around you and your guests, culminating in a magical surprise.

Sports Fan Reveal

Fill a basketball or football with pink or blue powder, and upon scoring, the powder bursts forth, unveiling your baby's gender. This concept can be adapted for various sports such as golf, netball, cricket, and more.

Sibling Clothing

Enlist a relative to procure pink or blue attire for the gender reveal celebration. Subsequently, your other child/children can make their entrance, clad in the colour indicative of their new sibling's gender—a delightful inclusion in the revelry.

Whether you opt to ascertain the gender of your baby during pregnancy or await the birth for the revelation, we extend our warm wishes for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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