Pregnancy sickness doesn't affect all pregnant women, but when sickness does strike it can feel so debilitating. 

We have some simple tips below which can hopefully help relieve any of those sickness waves. 

  • Avoid as much as possible being around strong smells, this can mean avoiding the kitchen when your partner is cooking in there (good idea to pass over all cooking whilst you're struggling with sickness), steer away from the bathroom when perfume/deodorant is sprayed or avoid taking the rubbish bins out. Even stop burning strong candles or using strong smelling cleaning products. 
  • Sip drinks instead of giving them a good gulp. Those tiny sips will keep you hydrated and will hopefully stop the feeling of wanting to bring the liquid back up. 
  • Eat little and often. When you do eat, take it nice and slow with little nibbles. Getting full too quickly may make you feel sick and want to bring it up again. Eat things that you fancy, this will help you keep the foods down as you won’t feel its forced eating. No pressure, anything that you can get down is always a positive.
  • Fruit and Vegetables are quite acidic foods which do not gel well with nausea. Salty carbs, like fries or toast with butter usually can be managed or plain foods as they also don't smell strongly, and the taste doesn't linger. Keep a well-balanced diet, so when you are feeling better load up on the vitamin infused foods. 
  • Take the pressure off yourself. Absolutely ask for help if you need it.
  • Avoid caffeine drinks and foods as they are known to cause stomach upsets. Instead choose to drink fluids like water, electrolyte drinks and ginger ale.
  • Try to eat as early as possible in the evenings, you may feel more sick laying down to bed with a full tummy.


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