Pocket Sprung mattress vs Open Coil Springs - what are the key differences? 


Buying the correct mattress for your tiny one is an essential decision, considering the safety aspects and level of support required, to aid their ongoing development as they grow into a toddler.

Parents can often overlook the importance of a mattress after purchasing a next to me crib, cot or junior bed.  After spending so long deciding on the right style, colour, cost & design, the mattress mostly comes as an afterthought.  It is not uncommon for many high street nursery brands to sell very basic mattresses that lack in durability, comfort, and breathable materials as a quick add on to their branded cot sales.  A baby's mattress especially in the very early months of life should be to the exact firmness to support their delicate neck, back & head. Once they start to wiggle around & move during sleep, it is so important that they remain comfy yet supported for perfect posture & sweet dreams.

Although the quality of the structure is important for the safety of your tiny one, their mattress will also be supporting their body whilst they go through many important growth developments & changes while sleeping.  A good quality mattress should keep them warm & cosy during the chillier months yet offer cooling and temperature regulating during the warmer summer months to reduce the risk of overheating - which has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of SIDS.

We may hear the terminology "open springs" & "pocket springs" quite often in purchasing our own adult mattresses, but not so much in baby mattresses.  We have put together a quick & simple guide below to highlight the key differences in these mattress types to ensure you make the right choice for your baby.


Open Coil Springs  

This is probably the most familiar choice to many parents, due to the regular use of coil springs in adult mattresses. It can be referred to in many different names like “standard spring” or “open bonnell spring”.

Coil springs offer an all-over firmer surface, all the steel springs are directly connected with each other, so they move all together when rolled on. Our coil spring mattresses are encapsulated in a nursery grade foam surrounding the coil springs offering a cushioning layer between the springs and your baby's body. 

Our Tiny Dreamer Essentials™ open coil spring mattresses present another affordable choice for parents looking for an upgrade in technology from our nursery grade foam mattress range.  Although this mattress type has been around for over a century and remain one of the most popular mattress types available, if possible, we would always suggest upgrading to a pocket sprung version. Keep reading below to find out why.


Key Benefits:


  1. Lower in price - without breaking the bank, this mattress will provide your precious tiny one with support and comfort for great value.
  1. Firm and supportive - because of the open coil structure, this mattress will be firm and supportive. 
  2. Lightweight - Our open sprung mattresses are light weight so are easy to flip over 



Pocket Sprung mattress

Like the coil springs, the mattress core is made up of a series of inner steel springs covered in a nursery grade foam casing. However, the advantage of pocket springs is that each spring sits individually within its own pocket of material, meaning that each spring can independently respond to the contours of your child’s body giving a more personalised, total body support, adapting to your baby's sleeping position. Which is perfectly suiting to toddlers and juniors as they wriggle around a lot during sleep, sleeping in all sorts of strange looking positions. They also tend to last longer than traditional coil springs. 

We offer a choice of two carefully curated internal cores to choose from

  • Tiny Dreamer Plus™ is expertly built using luxury pocket springs with a layer of nursery grade foam covering them on both sides. This is then wrapped in our unique advanced temperature regulating outer fabrics that offer a dual sided perfect night sleep all year around. 
  • Or our second option, Tiny Dreamer Deluxe™ This luxurious white mattress is filled a layer of organic coconut coir & luxury pocket springs. Using our advanced design technology, the Tiny Dreamer Deluxe™ offers a firmer side for those aged 0–18 months and a luxurious softer side for those 18 months+. A true ‘all season’ star, the Tiny Dreamer Deluxe™ uses advanced temperature regulating outer fabrics to offer a dual sided perfect night’s sleep all year round.


Key Benefits:

  1. Support - You can be assured that your tiny one will have the correct level of firmness and support from new-born, toddler and beyond.
  2. Long lasting - Designed to grow with your baby. Our advanced technology offers a firmer side for those aged 0–18 months and a luxurious softer side for those 18 months+. 
  3. Dual Technology - Every one of our luxury pocket sprung mattresses are covered in our unique advanced temperature regulating fabric for a comfortable night’s sleep all year round.


If you need any advice or support on choosing the right mattress for you, click on our live chat service to speak to one of our expert team, who will guide you on your choices.

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