Expecting? Unique gender reveal ideas. 

The first weeks & months of pregnancy are a whirlwind of wibbly, wobbly hormone changes, tiredness & potential bouts of morning sickness that doesn't happen in the morning, for those lucky ones some skip the sickness altogether. 

Here in the UK, the first NHS scan is at 12 weeks pregnant. The first peep at baby, it feels like such a long time coming. Those first 12 weeks sail along so slowly, all in anticipation for this scan to finally hear the first heart beats to flutter on the monitor & the black and white image showing a tiny dot, your baby dot. It is such a special time & leaves you wondering, is baby a girl or a boy? 

For us in England, the NHS offers to advise you of the baby's gender should you wish at your 20-week scan, this is totally optional. However, there are many private ultrasound clinics that offer scan appointments earlier from 16 weeks to find out the baby's gender. The NHS will only provide the gender verbally at the ultrasound appointment, whereas most private clinics will write down the baby's gender and then seal it in an envelope for you so that the gender remains a secret until you wish to do the big reveal. We have added some memorable, unique ideas of how to reveal the gender of your new bundle of joy to your friends & family. 



A great idea for the winter months especially nearing to Bonfire Night or New Year's Eve. Begin the firework display with unisex colours, for example a standard white to build up suspense then release the colour of the gender. 



Ask your favourite local cake baker to bake a sponge cake that is frosted over with both pink and blue colour colour frosting. When the cake is sliced into, the gender will be revealed with either pink sponge or blue sponge cake. Pinterest has hundreds of cake inspiration. 


Sibling hand paint

Wear plain white clothing to your gender reveal party, as you get blindfolded, your guests or family will help the other children to dunk their hands into pink or blue paint, then cover you with their tiny hand prints. When your blind fold is removed you will see on each other what your gender of your new little baby is. 


Balloon pop

Globally, one of the most popular gender reveals. A big decorative balloon is filled with pink or blue confetti. Once popped with a pin an explosion of confetti is released, revealing the gender of your baby. 


Confetti cannon 

A confetti cannon is filled with blue or pink confetti, stand together and pop at the same time for an explosion of blue or pink confetti revealing the gender of your little one. 


Smoke cannon

The same idea as the confetti cannon except with pink or blue smoke. This is a great one for outdoor events and looks so cool for pictures as the coloured smoke lingers in the air! 


Helicopter Gender Reveal 

For a more extravagant, show stopping gender reveal, charter a helicopter to hover above your party venue, with your guests gathered the helicopter will drop coloured powder to descend a pink or blue coloured curtain toward the ground below. 


Smoke Show

Organise an incredible smoke show, exploding all together around you and your guests to make a magical surprise. 


Sports fan reveal 

Fill a basketball or football with pink or blue powder, upon shooting the ball into the net the powder will pop and reveal your baby's gender. This could be done with golf balls, net balls, cricket balls, etc. 


Sibling clothing

Ask a relative to organise pink or blue clothing for the gender reveal party, then your other child/children can make their entrance to the party wearing the colour of the gender of their new brother or sister. This is a lovely way to include them in the reveal.


Whether you do find out the gender of your baby during pregnancy or find out at the birth, we wish you a safe & healthy pregnancy.

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