• Upon arrival, remove the recyclable outer packaging
  • Leave your mattress in a well-ventilated room for 4–6 hours, allowing time for it to air, removing any odour caused by packaging
  • Place the mattress inside your cot, ensuring there is no more than a 30mm gap between the side of the cot and the mattress
  • Cover the mattress with a fresh cotton fitted sheet

Initially, the surface and shape of the mattress may appear slightly uneven. This is due to the transit process and is quite normal. Over time, the mattress will decompress and settle into an even shape and smooth surface.



  • Always remove all plastic packaging before use
  • Just like a grown-up mattress, rotating your cot mattress 180° every 4 weeks will help maintain its long-term supportive form
  • Ensure any small spills are cleaned as soon as possible
  • Air your mattress regularly by removing outer bedsheets for 2–4 hours.
  • Remember, tiny fingers and limbs can easily become trapped, causing distress/injury, therefore we recommend no more than a 30mm gap around the sides of the mattress
  • Do not use padded mattress covers or mattress toppers under the fitted sheet as this will affect the firmness and safety of the mattress



  • Remove the cot mattress cover and hand wash with a mild non-bio detergent, rinse thoroughly and stretch back into shape while damp – air dry
  • Cot mattress covers can be machine washed (up to 60°) using a non-bio detergent and a low spin cycle – they are not suitable for tumble dryers
  • After removing the cot mattress cover, vacuum the cot mattress, including the base and sides to get rid of any build ups of dust
  • Wipe the mattress all over with a clean damp cloth, using only warm water
  • Leave the mattress to fully air dry before putting the cover back on
  • Neither the cot mattress cover nor the mattress itself are suitable for dry cleaning or ironing


For more helpful information & advice on caring for your new tiny mattress, contact our customer service team, either by clicking "Chat With Us" tab now for Live chat, or email us at

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