A must read, before using a second hand or preloved baby mattress.

The ever-growing shopping list of essentials before a baby arrives can feel so overwhelming for parents to be.  What feels like a constant flow of expenses from decorating the nursery, baby clothes, baby feeding equipment and essential nursery furniture. 

Websites, such as eBay & Facebook marketplace are an innovative online shopping space to find great deals locally.  Babies & toddlers grow within a blink of an eye, growing out of their brand-new Moses baskets within months of being born.  There are a huge number of bargains out there, ready for thrifty parents, looking to buy preloved nursery items.  Such as moses baskets, next to me cribs, cots & cotbeds…  Most are virtually brand new and appear well looked after.

Not only is buying preloved nursery furniture going to help lighten the financial load but also its super planet friendly. When buying any preloved items, you must always check the overall condition for any damages and general wear & tear.  If it is damage or missing any parts, then do not use it, as it could cause a safety risk to your sleeping child.

At the beginning of a young baby's life, they spend most of their time asleep, that’s why it is so important that the mattress which they are sleeping on, is safe, clean and super supportive for their tiny body and growing bones.  

Used mattresses that come free with preloved purchases could contain hidden mould, bacteria & dust mites, along with the safety risks involved from a loss of structure and required firmness.  There is some research noted by Lullaby Trust that found an increased chance of SIDS when using a second-hand mattress from outside of the family home, although this research is not proven yet. BBC News released an article reporting that a toxic bacteria linked to sudden infant death syndrome have also been found in used infant mattresses.

Which! tests have found that cot mattresses lose their firmness after a few years of use. This means that the second hand or hand me down cot mattress, may not provide the firmness needed for all over body support, which could increase the chance of smothering or suffocation.


We know that many parents prior to discovering us, struggle to find replacement mattresses for their cot ranges, especially considering the vast amount of cot models & brands on the market these days, each with their own unique sizing and shapes.  That’s why we created our easy to use “Build your own mattress tool", allowing parents to custom design their own mattress, any shape, any core, any size! 

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