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In The Press - IndyBest Buy

In The Press - IndyBest Buy

The UK's 13 best cot mattresses in 2023 to help little ones (and parents) sleep soundly

Our Tiny Dreamer Deluxe Cot Bed Mattress was tested through naps and overnight sleeping by IndyBest / The Independent Product Reviewer. We are delighted our Tiny Dreamer Deluxe was awarded with Best for older babies and toddlers when tested alongside 13 other best cot mattresses in 2023.  Click here to read the full article. 

IndyBest is the ultimate destination for shopping advice, gift guides and product reviews. The Independent’s shopping experts test thousands of products across tech, fashion, beauty, home and garden so that you’re in the know when it comes to the best products that suit you. Everything featured in our reviews is rigorously tested with our readers in mind, from best mattresses to beauty advent calenders.

The IndyBest seal of approval always takes a product's quality, price, size and ease of use into careful consideration. 

How IndyBest tested our mattress

Their Coxley cot bed from Mamas & Papas (£539.10, Mamasandpapas.com) became the home to a variety of mattresses over the course of a month. Their young tester obliged to naps and overnight sleeping (most of the time), while they considered each mattress’s credentials; firmness, fit to the cot, breathability and practicality, such as care, maintenance and price.

All mattresses tested complied with BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012, and consisted of either foam fibre, which is often the cheaper option, pocket springs designed to be firm, comfortable and supportive or natural fibres, like coconut coir. The mattresses tested are all available in both cot and cot bed sizes.

Typically, cot mattresses come in two sizes: for a standard crib the measurements are 120cm x 60cm and 140cm x 70cm for a cot bed. As the name suggests, a cot bed is a slightly larger cot with removable sides, which transforms into a toddler bed lasting them until around four years old, so usually offering parents a little more bang for their buck.

With any form of bedding, comfort is key, but when it comes to creating a sleeping environment for babies, safety must be at the forefront. Children’s charity The Lullaby Trust, which spearheads safe sleep for babies, strongly advises that your little one’s mattress is flat and there are no gaps (or at least, no more than a 1cm gap) around the mattress, .

While adults may prefer a soft mattress, babies need a firm and flat surface because this helps them move around easily, and ensures they don’t overheat as there’s plenty of airflow. According to The Lullaby Trust the mattress should be firm enough that when your baby is placed on it, their head doesn’t sink in more than a few millimetres. It’s also recommended that a mattress is waterproof or has a fitted waterproof cover to help prevent bacteria building up inside the mattress, thus lessening the risk of infection.

The Tiny Bed Company - Tiny Dreamer Deluxe (Organic coconut and pocket sprung) Cot Bed Mattress IndyBest Review:

Made in England, each of The Tiny Bed Company’s mattresses are meticulously produced by hand in small batches to ensure quality – and that’s obvious with the tiny dreamer deluxe. As the thickest mattress we tested, it felt like a premium sleeping space for our baby.

The brand’s signature soft, white, honeycomb-style fabric covers the top and the side of the mattress, with an additional luxurious layer of organic coconut coir. This is the less firm of the two though, so it’s recommended for older babies and toddlers, which we’re sure will be a treat in time to come.

The bottom side of the mattress is a touch firmer, although with a more mesh like cover, it’s not quite as snuggly. However, it does benefit from micro air pockets, allowing air to flow more freely to regulate the temperature, and we certainly can’t say our baby noticed the difference in softness.

The cover can be removed and is machine washable, although you’ll need to buy a separate waterproof cover. The Tiny Bed Company also offer a build-your-own service, for a truly custom fit.

  • Best: Cot mattress for older babies and toddlers
  • Type: Coir and pocket sprung
  • Why we love it 
    - Dual sided
    - Made in England
    - Coir layer
    - Machine washable



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