Simple Steps To A Safe Sleep

Simple steps to a safe sleep, because if they’re sleeping peacefully, so are you.

  • Always use a mattress that is clear, flat, firm & tailored to fit the sleep space perfectly without any gaps. Ensure that you place the mattress on a solid weighted crib/cot base that supports the mattress correctly. 

  • Never use the same mattress again after it has been well used by another baby as this could be harbouring unseen bacteria & the firmness of the mattress could be worn to an unsafe level. Newborns & babies need a high level of firmness to support their growing bodies.
  • Cover the mattress with a securely fitting sheet that cannot slip or ruck during sleep.
  • Place your baby to sleep on their back for every sleep with their feet to the foot of the Moses basket/ crib. Making sure that their head is kept uncovered so they do not get too hot.
  • Never use loose bedding (pillows, quilts, duvets, blankets, bumpers) with babies before 12 months of age as they cannot push them away should they cover their face. 

  • No pods, nests or sleep positioners.
  • Keeping them safe, dry & at a optimum temperature is essential for a long, comfortable slumber. It is recommended that your baby sleeps in a room of 16 and 21 degrees C.

Babies should always be in the same room as you for the first six months of their life, day or night. This doesnt mean that you cant leave the room to make a cup of tea or go to the toilet, but for the most time when they are sleeping they are safest if you are close by. The chance of SIDs is lower when babies sleep in a room with an adult then when they sleep alone. 

Soft or raised surfaces, pillows or quilts can increase the chance of SIDs by making it difficult for babies to breathe or cool down.

All information and research is provided & all backed by The Lullaby Trust, Registered Charity. Read more at:

Other useful websites for more reading: 

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

Baby Sleep Information Source (Basis) 
For parents who wish to make informed choices about infant sleep and night-time care. 

Create a blissful sleep sanctuary for your tiny one by visiting & explore our beautiful sleep essentials.


  • Posted on by Martha

    Thank you Donna for sharing the title of Susan Urban’s guide. I thought nothing would help. I got this ebook and within a week it worked wonders. I was sure that I wouldn’t decide to have more kids, but I changed my mind because a child’s sleep doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Now I know it.

  • Posted on by Donna

    I am obsessed with child’s safety so great thing that you bring this up. If anyone needs more tips I can recommend, with all my heart, Susan Urban’s book How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone. It is a complete yet super-short guide how to establish good routine and help baby sleep mythical 12h.

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