We are big believers in mattress protectors, especially when they are affordable, waterproof & velvety soft like ours.

They extend the life of a little ones mattress dramatically, never under estimate the value of a good mattress protector. They fend off accidents, stains & sweat. They stop hidden bacteria forming that can create an unsafe sleep environment.

Simply put, our mattress protectors are a highly durable, waterproof and resistant type of fitted sheet that goes over your child’s entire mattress. Crafted by our team here in England using 100% organic terry towel cotton fabric with a PU backing finished with (quick-drying) elastic edging.

They are simple to clean as our mattress protectors can be thrown into the washing machine at 30c & line dried. A huge must if your child is transitioning out of nappies.

Our Laundry Care Advice:

  • Wash with similar colours
  • Wash at 30c in your washing machine
  • Wash weekly or after every accident/spillage
  • Out of the washing machine, give the mattress protector a good shake & then line dry
  • Turn inside out to ensure that the underneath waterproof layer is dry too before popping back onto the mattress
  • Wash before use

30°C uses 38% less energy than washing at 40°C. Wash with other whites as Cotton easily picks up other colours.

Are mattress protectors essential for your little ones sleep space?
It is recommended by sleep organisations such a The Lullaby Trust that you should be using a firm and flat mattress that is protected by a waterproof cover, as it will keep the mattress clean & dry. Read full article here: https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/safer-sleep-advice/mattresses-and-bedding/

We have a huge variety of mattress protectors online, from moses baskets through to cot & cot bed we have the perfect fit (pun intended) for every tiny mattress. However if you require a mattress size, shape or a brand size that is not listed we offer a simple ‘build your own mattress protector’ tool where you can enter the dimensions of the mattress along with the make and model of the sleep space (at no extra cost). The maximum size is we make is up to is 190 x 90cm, which is a standard single bed size. Our experienced craftspeople are able to create a mattress protector to any shape required, should you need round, rectangle or oval shape. Our standard dispatch for a bespoke mattress protector is 7-10 days. Click the link below to get started with a bespoke custom-made mattress protector.


Top tip for parents: Layer two fitted mattress protectors under your little ones fitted sheet. If your child has any accidents, leaks or is sick during the early house their mattress remains dry & you have another mattress protector ready on the mattress underneath the soiled one, minimising the need to rummage for another in the dark.

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