At this time of year, one of the most common challenges faced by new parents is how to keep their tiny one`s safely, warm and cosy as the colder months begin to set in.  In the winter months, especially when it’s icy cold outside, it becomes difficult for babies to regulate their own body temperature, which makes them more vulnerable to cough, cold and flu.

Our short guide helps ensure you are knowledgeable about how you can help your tiny one`s to maintain a consistent body temperature during the colder nights.   


Choosing the right clothing.

As the temperatures drop, the best way to keep your tiny one warm while sleeping, is by dressing them in a combination of lightweight “easily removable” layers.  Resist the temptation to overload your tiny one with heavy or thick wool clothing, instead choose a few thin layers of warm clothes that you could easily remove during late night nappy changes. A good rule of thumb is to dress your tiny one in “one more layer” than you.


Set your nursery temperature

To make sure your tiny one maintains the perfect body temperature and doesn’t become too hot or too cold during the night, try keeping their nursery room at a regulated comfortable temperature of between18 to 20 degrees Celsius.  Always keep a room thermometer nearby to check whether your tiny one`s room stays at a safe, comfortable temperature.


Use a Sleeping Bag

On colder nights, dressing your tiny one in just their favourite Pj`s or an “all in one” sleep suit is just not enough to keep them cosy and warm. To help keep your tiny one comfortable throughout the night, you could choose to wrap them in a thick cosy swaddling blanket or a good quality baby sleeping bag (also known as a grow bag) will stop them kicking off the covers in their sleep.


Position of the Crib or Cot.

The position of your tiny one`s cot in the nursery can also affect how comfortable they will feel during sleep. Always position the cot away from air vents, drafty windows, fans and outside walls. And ensure all windows are fully closed to prevent cold air from entering the room.


Use a Firm Mattress:

To keep your crib or cot warm from underside, use our range of Tiny Dreamer mattresses, which are firm and covered with a “heat regulating” material.


Heads, hands & tiny toes.

As babies lose a lot of their body heat through their head, hands, and tiny feet, it is important to ensure they remain covered during sleep.  For newborn babies, soft beanie hats and lightweight mittens provide an extra layer of warmth. Unless you are using an “all in one” sleep suit, you can keep their feet warm and toasty using a pair of soft socks.


If you are worried or have concerns in knowing if your baby is sleeping in the correct temperature, then we always recommend contacting your local midwife or health visitor for further advice and guidance.

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