Baby and children’s mattresses come in a vast range of sizes. The correct size will depend on the type and brand of bed you are using. In the UK most cots and beds are built to accommodate the standard mattress sizes  detailed below.


  • Moses basket mattress– 28cm x 75cm (some can be slightly larger/smaller depending on the brand)
  • Travel cot mattress– 65cm x 95cm
  • Small cot mattress– 54cm x 90cm
  • Cot mattress– 60cm x 120cm
  • Cot bed mattress– 70cm x 140cm


It’s also worth noting that standard UK sizes are very different to those found in other parts of the world, so it is always best to measure your new bed prior to selecting your mattress or look for a sticker on the bed detailing the correct size needed.


Some cot and bed brands will intentionally make their beds to a unique size in order to  promote the sale of their own range of mattresses. Often these mattresses come at exorbitant prices. The Tiny Bed Company solves this difficulty by offering a custom design service that allows us to create a tailored range specific to your exact needs. Click here for more details.


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