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We have selected the finest of technology fabrics from trusted UK merchants for our signature mattress covers. We have mixed & matched intelligent fabrics to bring extra innovative benefits for your little one whilst they sleep on our mattresses. No matter the size or shape of mattress you purchase, each of our mattresses can be identified by our buttery soft signature bubble quilted mattress cover material. They are all cut, sewn & placed onto our mattresses by hand locally in England for precision & quality assurance. 

Each of our mattress covers are easily removed for machine washing by means of a zip. Unless stated otherwise, they can be machine washed at 30 degrees using a non biological detergent on a slow spin cycle. You can cool tumble dry or leave to dry naturally, stretching the mattress cover back into shape whilst still damp. Cool iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. 

It is all in the details. The signature bubble mattress material is created using a organic cotton & polyester blend finished with a bouncy polyester backing, giving a extra comfortable quilted texture. As with any of our materials used on our mattress covers, this is a totally breathable fabric. 

Our Tiny Dreamer Plus or Tiny Dreamer Deluxe mattresses have a dual material mattress cover. The under side of these mattresses have a additional special active mesh fabric that is cleverly designed to disperse heat & moisture away from your child, keeping them cool & comfortable while resting or sleeping. We recommend to flip their mattress during the warmer summer months to benefit from this side of the cover. It also has built in mildew resistance and is an anti odour fabric. Cover is breathable, removable & machine washable. 

Because each mattress cover is meticulously handmade, we are able to produce any size & any shape.* If you would like a spare cover for your mattress, just email our helpful customer experience team at who would be delighted to process an order for you.  

*We specifically produce products for the nursery industry, bespoke sizing restricted to 190 x 90 x 10cm. 

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  • Posted on by Martin Smee
    I am enquiring if you would be able to make a memory foam mattress that can be folded at roughly 3/4 of its length to fit a cross bed in a narrow boat. The bed is a double.

    Regards Martin Smee

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