So, you’ve chosen a bed for your tiny one! Depending on their age, room size or preference you may have chosen a Moses basket, crib cot, ‘next to me’ crib, cot bed or a grown up single bed. Now comes the most important choice, the right mattress!

Choosing the perfect mattress is an investment in the safety, well-being and comfort of your little one as well as a guarantee that both of you will have a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

With a vast array of different mattresses on the market today, all claiming to be magic, the choice can be a little stressful. But don't worry, we have you covered with our simple guide below.



Buying the right shape and size of mattress is an essential part of your tiny one’s safety. Remember, their fingers and limbs can easily become trapped, causing distress and/or injury. We recommend no more than a 30mm gap around the sides of the mattress. This also allows you to tuck a blanket tightly around the mattress to reduce the risk of suffocation.

Most quality mattresses will be between 810cm thick, allowing enough cushioning to fully support your tiny one’s body. However, for early years you may find that most mattresses that fit Moses baskets and smaller cribs are thinner and slightly firmer.



We recommend that parents always look for a mattress that’s made with breathable temperature regulating fabrics and materials. This will help your tiny one stay cool and dry, reducing the risk of overheating which has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of SIDS.

Finding a mattress that also offers a removeable outer case is a huge benefit, allowing regular washing and the prevention of dust mites.



Many mattresses these days come with a vast array of different inner cores, each offering their own positives and negatives:



This is generally the most affordable mattress option. They are lightweight and offer a good level of support. However, over time they can lose their shape and firmness, especially with thinner foam offerings. These make a good affordable choice for short term use, such as Moses baskets and crib cots. However, for larger mattress requirements, such as cots, cot beds and single beds always ensure you purchase a much thicker mattress, such as 80100mm to ensure it lasts.


This is probably the most familiar choice to many parents, due to the regular use of coil springs in adult mattresses. Coil springs offer a firmer surface compared to a full foam core and present another affordable choice. However, if possible, we would always suggest upgrading to a pocket sprung version.



Like the coil springs, the core is made up of a series of inner steel springs covered in a foam casing. However, the advantage of pocket springs is that each spring sits individually within its own pocket of material, meaning that each spring can independently respond to the contours of your child’s body to ensure maximum support. They also tend to last longer than traditional coil springs.



We love natural core solutions, such as eco coir, coconut, mohair, lamb’s wool or cashmere. Natural fibres offer a good level of air circulation and are recommended for their moisture absorbing properties. They are generally more expensive than the other mattress types mentioned above, but well worth the extra pennies considering the firmness and support that they offer, along with their longevity.



Can’t decide which one is right for you? Our superior dual core mattress could be the perfect choice! These mattresses are made by combining  two or more standard core constructions. This provides the benefits and rewards of each core type all wrapped up in the ultimate mattress’. These are commonly the most expensive option, however you can rest easy knowing your tiny one is enjoying the most luxurious night’s sleep!



A safe and well-built mattress is absolutely vital. When shopping for your mattress, ensure that it is awarded UK safety standards, such as BS 7177 for flammability and Part 10 1997 for safety and performance.

For more information on choosing your tiny one’s next mattress, browse our full mattress range online or speak to our customer service team for more help and advice.

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